Profit And Value

company value and profit shown in charts and images

COMPANY PROFIT AND VALUE Making a profit is what any commercial organisation seeks and needs to do, right?  It’s kind of obvious, so why do we need to talk about it?  But I believe company value is just as important, but it receives much less attention.  Let me share some of my thoughts with you […]

Niche Marketing

a page of graphs and marketing research results trying to find a niche

FINDING YOUR NICHE IN THE WORLD Why do it? Why should you target your product to a niche market? What is a niche market anyway? And are there any pitfalls to avoid? Let me share some thoughts with you about this approach to doing business. Selling to a niche market is a way to stand […]

Strategy Planning​

Analysis give results with charts and a magnifying glass

Strategy Planning Why do some SME owners find it difficult to find time and motivation to engage in strategic planning?  Well, it probably stems from our human nature. We get caught up in the busyness of the day to day operations.  We also feel good when we are busy making sales and completing tasks compared to attacking […]

The Value Of Business Values

group of team members at a table having a meeting

THE VALUE OF BUSINESS VALUES What do you understand about business values?  I once did some work with a vehicle panel repair company that achieved improved loyalty and motivation from their staff agreeing to the company values. But it wasn’t easy, as staff had difficulty applying the values in a pressured environment where customers wanted […]